spin1One thing that most of us hated as kids, except when we were watching Popeye guzzle it down, was spinach. As we grew older perhaps our tastes changed and some of us actually began to like the leafy green vegetable. One thing that we all surely developed as we got older was the knowledge that there are countless benefits of spinach to our body’s health. Whether we enjoy it or not, we cannot deny that it is one of the healthiest vegetables for us. Here are a few ways that eating spinach regularly can help us stay healthy.

Spinach is Full of Healthy Nutrients

Vegetables are generally known for being great sources of nutrients, but spinach is one of the most nutrient rich types. In addition to being rich in protein (maybe that’s what got Popeye so strong), one of the biggest benefits of spinach is the large amounts of vitamins such as Vitamin K, Iron, Calcium among others. Eating one cup of spinach a day is so packed with nutrients that it will more than fulfill the recommended daily dose of a number of your needed vitamins.

Spinach Promotes Healthy Brain Function

spin2Among the top benefits of spinach is the scientifically proven fact that spinach consumption protects our brains from many of the effects of aging keeping our minds sharp. Thanks to the antioxidant properties of spinach, damage to your brain resulting from oxidation is prevented with regular meals of this dark green vegetable.

Keep Your Eyes in Good Shape

Another one of the important nutrients found in spinach is the carotenoid, lutein. This nutrient helps prevent eye problems such as macular degeneration and cataracts. Eating spinach regularly throughout your life and into old age will help you keep your eyesight the best it can be.

Good for Your Bones

When most people think of things that are good for your bone health they think of milk. It has always been pushed into our heads that milk would build stronger bones, but it turns out that spinach is an often overlooked alternative. One cup of cooked spinach provides an immense amount of vitamin K. Often times you’ll receive 1000% of the daily recommended dose. Vitamin K works wonders at preventing bones from breaking down and also in helping bones to build themselves stronger.

It’s a Cancer Fighter

spin3Scientists have found that there are at least thirteen different antioxidant compounds in spinach which actively fight cancer cells. The consumption of spinach has been found in experiments to have a positive effect on breast, skin and stomach cancers.


Spinach is Easy to Eat

Perhaps you never grew out of the phase that we all had as kids – you still don’t like spinach. Luckily, there are many other healthy ways to prepare spinach apart from the boiled variety we were served at home. In recent years, the use of raw spinach in salads has become very popular as people have realized the immense health benefits of the vegetable. Other people bake it into bread and other goods. Some people however, simply like to boil it. When boiling, make sure to avoid using too much water which can suck out some of the vegetable’s nutrients

The benefits of spinach are too numerous to count even though the folks at healthscapes.org tried.. No matter your preferences on the food, you cannot deny the beneficial health promoting properties of spinach. If you’re not a fan of it and you haven’t given it a shot in a while, perhaps you should give spinach another try. Even if your mouth is not a fan of the taste, your body will be thanking you immensely for all of the good things that you are putting into it.